Legislative Action Week: Clean Up EPA's Regulatory Agenda.


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  • Even parts of the government don’t want to expand the Waters of the US. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    2 Hours Ago
  • Make America’s infrastructure problems something Congress can’t avoid solving. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    4 Hours Ago
  • Help @AEDnet get something done in a ‘do nothing’ Congress. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    6 Hours Ago
  • Give courage to Congress. Infrastructure is a generational investment. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    8 Hours Ago
  • These current AED members are touring Stephenson Equipment and learning new strategies from fellow dealers #collab http://t.co/7Thv7qyYKa
    1 Days Ago
  • AED Members kick off their 20 Group session in Hershey, PA. They're committed to changing their business for good http://t.co/R8wh5XpVvI
    1 Days Ago
  • It’s your money, keep some and invest in your business. Support higher Sec. 179 levels. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    1 Days Ago
  • It’s your money, keep some & invest in your business. Tell Congress to save capital investment incentives. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    1 Days Ago
  • RT @CATRecruiter: Western States CAT Offers 2 Exciting Technician Training Programs! Learn More About Them Here: http://t.co/TrHVmEDLDQ #…
    1 Days Ago
  • 8 Things Worth Knowing About Montana’s Infrastructure http://t.co/NJzTV4IDez
    1 Days Ago
  • The average US bridge is 42 years old…no wonder 1 in 9 is structurally deficient. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    2 Days Ago
  • We don’t want our students to get Ds, why should we allow bad grades for our infrastructure? http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    2 Days Ago
  • Call on Congress to fix the highway trust fund, not next may…NOW! http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM. #AEDLAW
    2 Days Ago
  • RT @CompactEquip: AED to EPA: Sink “Waters of the U.S.” Proposal. We totally agree @aednet http://t.co/r2dEoSUfKB
    3 Days Ago
  • Tell Congress to OK KXL. http://t.co/hXgpZLBdlM #AEDLAW
    3 Days Ago

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